франческо воче шеф повар

Meet Francesco Voce, our Brand Chef who joined us back in 2002. He began his career as a sous chef at the German-based Italian eatery La piazza. Later on, he spent 30 years as an international chef and brand chef at a variety of restaurants including the Valtellina, the Ferrari, the Tartufo and the Villa d’este.

Hailing from the South of Italy, Francesco Voce is a great believer in the preservation of classic Italian recipes, which involves utmost attention to the quality of the produce, and adhering to the highest standards in both flavor and composition. Francesco pays particular attention to using the right herb combinations including oregano, rosemary, basil and thyme.

His cooking represents the traditions of his native Calabria that has a long and celebrated history of seafood-based cuisine. In every one of his creations, Maestro Voce looks to inspire a sense of novelty and excitement by adding a fresh vibe to traditional recipes. His artistic presence is felt in everything that we have to offer.

Francesco is the Italian soul at the core of the Baci&Abbracci.

Москва, Старомонетный переулок, 18